2 Ways to Locate Best Drive-Thru Car Wash Near Me

CarWashNearMee.Com – Some people prefer an automatic car wash or drive-thru car wash instead of a self-service car wash. Drive-thru car wash is going to let you sit back and relax until the cleaning process is done. If you want to choose this drive-thru method, choose the drive-thru car wash near me.

In your city, there may be so many drive-thru cars washes available. But you need to find the closest one since cleaning your car will be a routine activity you should do every two weeks. If you know the best drive-thru car wash that is close enough, you’ll be enthusiastic about cleaning your car.

You need to learn how to find the best drive-thru car wash in your city and another city. So when you have to travel to another city, you’ll know the location of the car wash to visit. This way, your car will always stay clean in your city and any other city.

How To Locate Drive-Thru Car Wash Near Me

Since there are many types of the car wash, you need to make sure that the one near you is a drive-thru car wash. How can you find the nearest drive-thru car wash in your city? If this is going to be the first time you try a drive-thru car wash, learn some steps below.

  • Turn the GPS of your mobile phone on before accessing the map on the device.
  • Type “drive-thru car wash” on the search bar, press Enter, and you should wait a few seconds.
  • You will see some red pins showing the drive-thru car wash around you. Some of them may be open 24 hours every day, but some others don’t.

Always check the drive-thru car wash that is open before heading to the car wash. You can find the details like operational hours, addresses, contact details, and sometimes price lists on the map app. Or you can contact the car washes and ask them about the operational hours or other details.

Finding A Drive-Thru Car Wash Near Me In Another City


Other cities in the US also offer car washes for all drivers. If you have to travel to other cities on the day you should wash your car, you need to know the location of a reputable car wash. There are some ways you should do to locate the best drive-thru car wash when traveling to other cities.

  • Open the map app on your mobile phone and then type your destination on the search bar.
  • Some options will appear after a few seconds. Tap on Directions to get the best route to that city.
  • You will see some options of route appear on the screen. After choosing one, tap on the magnifier icon on the right side of the screen.
  • A new search bar will appear on top of the screen. Type drive-thru car washes on that search bar and then press Enter.

This step is going to show you some recommendations for a drive-thru car wash near me between your city and another city. During your trip to another city, you can stop at the car wash available and wash your car. This way, your car will stay clean when you enter another city.

Do You Turn Your Engine Off In A Car Wash?


There are some steps you should do before entering the drive-thru car wash. For example, you need to find the best or cheapest drive-thru car wash and then pay first. Then you need to prepare your car before entering the car wash. When it is time to enter the car wash, there will be some things to do.

The drive-thru car wash has some indicators that help you position your car. It can be the track system that requires you to stop your front tires in the right location. Or you may see a sign that indicates the right position for your car. Some systems may have lighting that will let you know your car is ready.

After positioning your car correctly, you need to place your manual car into neutral. And if you are carrying an automatic car, set it in the park position. If there is an indication to turn off the engine of your car, you should do so.

How Much Is A Car Wash?


You may want to know the cost of a drive-thru car wash near me. The cost for each type of car wash is different, depending on the service you choose and the method you choose. Most automatic car washes require you to pay between USD10 and USD20.

Touchless car wash usually requires you to pay between USD10 and USD30. The cost for a hand car wash is between USD20 and USD30 because it requires more effort than the previous methods. Some people who choose a full-service car wash should pay between USD50 and USD125.

The more additional services you use, the higher the cost you should pay. If you want to save money, don’t use the service from the drive-thru car wash near me. Instead, choose a self-service car wash that cost between USD7 and USD15.

What Happens If I Don’t Put My Car In Neutral In A Car Wash?


It is crucial to put the car in park or neutral during the car wash. This is going to let the car roll through the car wash’s cleaning cycles consistently. This will also prevent collisions so that everyone inside the car can be safe.

If you don’t put the car in neutral during the drive-thru car wash, collisions may happen and it put everyone in danger.

If this will be your first time trying a drive-thru car wash, you may want to check this video below:

It is going to let you see whether an automatic drive-thru worth the cost or not. See the video before visiting any drive-thru car wash around you.

And then you can follow the two methods above about finding the best drive-thru car wash near me. This way, you’ll find the most reputable drive-thru car wash you can visit routinely every two weeks. You will also find the best drive-thru car wash even though you’re traveling to other countries.

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